A respite worth sharing.

Today is just one of those retrospective days where I can’t seem to do much–just pinned Sam Maloof’s memorial program to my bulletin board on one of the coldest, damp, June days I can remember. It’s hard to think about tools, wood or woodworking. Even Louie dog is leaving me alone–probably has one of my shoes torn to shreds by now…

I was deeply touched by Sam Maloof’s memorial, particularly the music.  Cucumrrucucu Paloma, sung by Perla Batalla was simply otherworldly–everybody in attendance knew we were part of a special moment and if there was a a pair of dry eyes in the house, well, I would not have been able to spot them. Not only could I not see, it was hard to breathe.

I was thrilled to learn about Perla Batalla on the internet today and overjoyed to find her singing Cucumrrucucu Paloma in a YouTube video. I apologize in advance for the non-woodworking post but am compelled to share this beautiful song. She is incredible and I hope you share similar sentiment.

Although I don’t speak a lick of  Spanish (or any other language sad to say), perhaps somebody does and can enlighten me as to what the lyrics mean and if not, it doesn’t matter.  Be warned, tears are a universal language.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. Here is the English translation of Cucurrucucu…

    They say that at nights
    all he could do was cry all the time
    they say he won´t eat
    all he could do was drink at all times
    they swear that heaven itself
    would tremble hearing his crying
    He suffered so much for her
    that even on his death he was calling her

    ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, he cried
    ay, ay ay ay ay, he sobbed
    ay ay ay ay ay he sang
    from a deadly passion, he died

    That a sad sparrow
    early in the morning goes to sing
    at the lonely little house
    with it´s liitle doors wide open
    They swear that that sparrow
    is nothing else than his soul
    still waiting for her return

    Cucucrrucucu, sparrow
    cucucrrucucu, don´t cry
    stones will never, sparrow
    know anything about love

    cucurrucucu, cucurrucucu
    cucurrucucu, sparrow don´t cry


  2. John,
    Perla has quite a vocal range from her highs to her lows–very impressive. You can get her recording of of Cucurrucucu Paloma on the Apple iTunes Store for the princely sum of 99¢, or the entire album which contains Cucurrucucu Paloma for $9.99. Just put her name in the search box and her albums will appear. Cucurrucucu Paloma is on the album titled Discoteca Batalla.

  3. I bought her CD (three of them actually)on Saturday. I do all of my design work to music and her voice is going to be a great addition to my music collection. Thanks for the iTunes tip, I love her rendition of Cucurrucucu Paloma, interestingly it is not common for this to be accompanied by piano.


  4. Beautyful song. I don´t know how can sound in an american ears. But as you say, tears are universals. I´m nearly new in woodworking world, for me it´s a hobye, may be better than a profesion, but Maloof´s death has been a schock for me, some people would not die never. But “Cucurrucucu” and Sam are now in the same place, there where beautiful thinks alive forever.
    Sorry by my english.
    John, If you like this song please click “Caetano Veloso Almodovar” in youtube.

  5. Joaquin;

    Thanks for the post-no need to apologize for your English–thanks for the tip to “Caetano Veloso Almodovar”–holy cow, his voice is amazing–more music to buy!

    Sam influenced a lot of people–I appreciate your comments and happy woodworking.

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