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Jointmaker Pro Update: At the end of today we will have shipped approximately 2/3rds of all the Jointmaker Pro orders. My chest pains are subsiding…

The Jointmaker Pro forum (the link to all of the BCTW forums is at the bottom of our splash page titled “Community Forums”) has a section on project ideas and one idea was a contest that took advantage of the capabilities of the Jointmaker Pro.

Please chime in here–anybody interested in a project contest?

Here are my thoughts as expressed on the JMP forum-

We will ask the Jointmaker Pro Supreme Emperor (that would be me) to conceive of a project idea (and the rules) that will put you and your Jointmaker Pro to the task–maybe 2-3 times per year. You would then set about designing and making your solution.

As the Jointmaker Pro Supreme Emperor, I would judge all entries for a yet to be disclosed prize. All entrants would receive five free JMP saw blades after your project is submitted (photo posted on forum).

We would then post the winning plans for others less inspired–all for free.

That is all I want to share at the moment–other than this could be really fun.

Your thoughts?


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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, I have to believe that people will be creating stunning projects with the JMP, and a “carrot” in the from of a contest will give us all a look at them and give us more good ideas to make in our own shops.

  2. Hey John -

    I like the idea. I think you could offer BCTW tools for prizes. I would even love to win a Marc Adams JMP class seat or a CAD class seat.

    Categories could be toys, boxes, picture frames, puzzles, “only with a JMP” to push what is REALLY possible, etc.

    Thanks – really enjoying the JMP and the new forum is helping a lot.


  3. Hi John
    I’d also like to see best jig etc. for the JMP
    (mine arrived at the office on Tuesday, but I’m on vacation and can’t get to it :*( )

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