FYI: My 2009 Teaching Assignments

As a trained educator with two dogs that won’t follow a single command, it is time to announce my teaching engagements for the year:

What: CAD for the Woodworker
Where: Marc Adams School of Woodworking (Indiana)
When: May 4-8
Who: No more than 20
What Else: Laptop or computer required.

This is my fourth or fifth year teaching this class and it is a blast. The software we use is the same package I use to design BCTW tools (Cobalt)–a mid-range solid modeling package at $4,000. Students receive a fully functional STU license for $395. If you are looking to learn a new skill, or perhaps more important, become more efficient, this is a great week. 90% of the students struggle with the computer and by Friday they are up and running creating projects in the virtual world of CAD.

What: Silent Woodworking
Where: Marc Adams School of Woodworking (Indiana)
When: May 11-15
Who: No more than 18

We are going to turn conventional woodworking wisdom upside down in this class. The focus is how to produce gallery quality work in a soulful environment.

We are providing several Jointmaker Pro’s (and other yet to be released new tools) for this class and I am confident most students will have their life vector bumped way off course. Believe it or not, the shop of the future is going to be in a spare bedroom for many. No dust collector, no screaming machines, no hearing protection–just you, the right tools, and a desire to produce flawless work. Personally, I can’t wait for this one.

I don’t know about space availability or any other details other than when I need to be there (similar to how my dogs know the location of their food bowls). You can learn more here.

If you have never been to MASW, it is an expansive educational complex plopped in the middle of an Indiana corn field. Marc confessed recently that he used a Bridge City try square to layout the lake on the property, hence; Try Square Lake. It is not quite visible from space but it is dead square–a true marvel of the limitations of a back-hoe–no fish swimming in circles here.


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  1. A friend and I assembled my Jointmaker Pro Thursday in about an hour an a half. It’s hard to say who was the more excited and my friend is not a woodworker! I’m looking forward to the MASW Silent Woodworking class and your latest creation.

  2. Wayne–We are going to have a lot of fun at my first Silent Woodworking class–and we are going to listen to a lot of music too! Congrats on getting your Jointmaker Pro together!

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