Jointmaker Pros Begin Shipping on Monday

We’ve taken much heat about our slow delivery of the Jointmaker Pro, but we made all the right decisions in making it as close to perfect as we are able.

Next Monday, March 2 we will ship the first wave of saws and continue shipping over the next 10 days on a first in, first out basis. For those who want to peruse the Users Guide, it has been posted on our website here;

Jointmaker Pro Users Guide

We have approximately 25 unsold Jointmaker Pro units remaining from the initial production run. When those are gone we will begin the wait list for the second manufacturing run.

Stay tuned, we are going to be introducing another disruptive new product in the coming weeks.


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  1. You may have taken much heat about the slow delivery of the Jointmaker Pro, but I assure you that none of it came from me. Near Perfection (nothing’s perfect) cannot be rushed and like every other tool I’ve ever purchased from Bridge City Tools, the Jointmaker Pro will no doubt prove itself well worth the wait.

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