The New and Improved CS-2 Centerscribe is Now Available!

Of all the tools we have produced over the past 25 years, the Centerscribe has never left the top ten for good reason–the Imperial measurement system makes it easy to make time-consuming and frustrating mistakes (example; divide 7-13/16″ in half, or thirds…).

We have made significant improvements to this popular tool and I am pleased to share this brief overview;

  • Eliminated backlash by replacing the rack and pinion drive with a closed-loop cable. It is smoother and a joy to use.
  • Eliminated binding issues in humid environments by replacing the wooden arms with aluminum arms
  • Added the ability to insert a mechanical pencil (number one request)
  • Added the ability to find center on cylindrical stock without using guide pins
  • Added the ability to find center on square/rectangular stock without using guide pins
  • The CS-2 has the ability to accept accessories
  • First accessory is the mortise/tenon attachment

The little movie below illustrates how easy it is to use the CS-2 for all of your centering requirements. In addition, pay particular attention to the new mortise/tenon attachment – it is incredibly useful. For example, say you have a table leg that is 1-3/4″ square and you are going to attach stretchers that are 3/4″ thick using a 1/2″  tenon. This means you need to layout the 1/2″ tenon on the 3/4″ stock and the 1/2″ mortise on the 1-3/4″ square leg.

With the new mortise and tenon attachment this is a math-free breeze. Simply set the attachment to 1/2″ using the built-in scale, secure in place and make your scribe lines. At this point the thickness of your material does not matter because the 1/2″ setting will be perfectly centered on your stock each and every time without any math.

You have really never seen anything like it.


For this week ONLY, we are offering free shipping when you purchase both the CS-2 Centerscribe and the new CS-2 Accessory. If you already own the CS-2 Centerscribe, you’ll get free shipping on the purchase of the Accessory. (The free shipping applies to any other in-stock items you add to your shopping cart as well!) Just use promotion code CS-2FREESHIP during order checkout. Much more information and regular web ordering details can be found here, or feel free to order by calling one of our friendly marketing associates at 800-253-3332.

And lastly, a belated Happy New Year!


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