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Precision Fence Elbow Clamp
Founder's Circle Price: $44.96

The Elbow Clamp has both an extendable reach (it fastens to one of the fence bases) and it has a positive lock elbow joint that allows that clamp arm to rotate in 5 degree increments. This clamp will only fit the JMPv2 Precision Fence System, the JM-SW Precision Fence System, and the Precision Table Saw Pivoting Sled Kit.

Please note: It will not fit the standard Table Saw Sled kit.

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Precision Fence Bias Arm
Founder's Circle Price: $71.10

This is a unique way to hold square stock and create utterly cuts that are difficult to replicate with any other means. This product can be used on the Table Saw Sled Kits and the Jointmaker Precision Fence Systems.

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Precision Fence Tenon Miter Jig
Founder's Circle Price: $152.10

The capabilities of the Precision Fence System really grow with the available accessories, the most important of which is the Tenon/Miter Arm. This product will work on all the Table Saw Fences, JMPv2 Precision Fence System and the JM SW Precision Fence.

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