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Every year we produce one tool that will never be made again. It is available to Founder's Circle members only.

You may find the previous Commemorative Tools in the Discontinued Tools section here.

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CT-18 Dual Low Angle Smoothing Plane (Blem)
Founder's Circle Price: $1,596.00

We have been making tools in America for almost thirty years –and this year’s Commemorative Tool, the CT-18 Dual/Low Angle Smoothing Plane is unlike any other smoother—past or present. The all metal front and rear totes, the symmetrically pierced sides, dual ground irons, a blade lock mechanism never before seen in a smoothing plane, and the ability to attach depth skids makes this plane one of the most versatile and usable planes you will ever own.

This CT-18 is a blem unit. A blem is a cosmetic defect that does not affect the functionality of the tool.

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CT-19 Transfer Bevel
Founder's Circle Price: $429.00
In Stock

The Commemorative Tool series is an extraordinary collection of tools that display the innovative, precise, and beautifully crafted work Bridge City has been producing for almost 35 years.

We are pleased to share with you the CT-19 Transfer Bevel, a unique and versatile tool that acts as a transfer bevel, try square, and t-bevel in one.

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CT-19 Walnut Case
Founder's Circle Price: $165.00
In Stock
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