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Discontinued Tools

PLEASE NOTE: The items in this category are discontinued and no longer available for purchase. They are displayed for reference only.


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HP-11FW Tapered Body Shoulder Plane
Founder's Circle Price: $2,495.00

Building on the tradition of our unique foxtail shoulder plane design, we are pleased to introduce the Limited Edition HP11-FW Tapered Body Shoulder Plane.

Only 50 of these exquisitely crafted tools are made and then they will be gone forever.

A custom Walnut Case was also also available for purchase alongside this one of a kind tool (FC $195).

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HP-6v2 Mini Multi-Plane Body
Founder's Circle Price: $233.10

As seen from the photograph, we have changed the HP-6 body from solid brass to hard-anodized aluminum and the benefits are numerous. All future solid brass soles will be attached to the body with a quick change, locking dovetail joint — making changeovers twice as fast.

This tool has been discontinued and replaced by the HP-6FX Mini Multi-Plane Body.

Please note:  The fences and profiles are not included with the Plane Body.  The Plane body will require a profile in order to use.

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DB-2 Dead Blow Mallet
Founder's Circle Price: $143.10
The Dead Blow Mallet consists of a hollow brass mallet head filled with lead shot. Firmly perched atop an inviting, rosewood handle, the Dead-Blow Mallet is an incredibly efficient tool for your shop. This style of mallet, commonly referred to as a "carver's mallet," is also ideal for bench chisel joint making, joint assembly and a myriad of other "persuasive" tasks. Learn More
PV-2 Pin Vise
Founder's Circle Price: $125.10
Any time you need to hold small tools, parts or other items firmly and safely, a pin vise is a logical choice. Drills, files, hex keys, screwdriver bits, nut drivers, and custom work are the tip of the iceberg for the PV-2 Pin Vise.

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Tool Wrap
Founder's Circle Price: $17.96
An easy to care for tool wrap perfect for protecting your collection of Japanese hand saws. Holds up to 5 saws. Learn More
US-3 Universal Square 3"
Founder's Circle Price: $31.50

Perhaps the most versatile tools in our catalog, Universal Squares can be used almost anywhere. They're called Universal because each of our three sizes (3 inch, 4 inch or 6 inch) shares the following features:

• Ruler
• Height Gage
• Marking Gage
• Centering Rule
• Hook Rule
• Protractor
• Power Tool Guide

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CS-6 Combination Square
Founder's Circle Price: $130.50
The CS-6 Combination Square has the same classic cast silicone brass head with rosewood inlays. The head is machined to a tolerance of .002" over the length of the blade. All of the blades are photochemically etched in satin chrome plated steel.
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82 Degree Countersink
Founder's Circle Price: $28.80
A single flute countersink will only make PERFECTLY concentric countersinks Learn More
US-6 6" Universal Square Blem
Founder's Circle Price: $35.28
The 6" Universal Square is super handy and fits perfectly in your apron pocket. Learn More
JM-SW Jointmaker
Founder's Circle Price: $805.50

The JM-SW (Single Wing) is big news. Rather than utilizing two sliding tables that are bridged (for most cuts), this saw functions similarly to most sliding table saws--there is one sliding table and one static table. The Jointmaker SW features the same linear bearing system as the JMP v2 on one side and is opposed by a static, extruded aluminum table.

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