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The production information on this page is updated on Thursdays.  Although we do our best to make our delivery dates as accurate as possible, please note that they are estimates and can change.  

We will also try and convey our production information in an informative manner for those who are unfamiliar with the production work flow or processes.  Hopefully while our tools are being produced, you will get an overview of the work and steps involved in bringing our products to your door. Thank you for your continued patronage and please let us know if we can improve the information on this page.

John Economaki

Welcome to our Manufacturing Schedule web page!

Each tool has its own page. Just click on the tool in the box on the right or down below to view the updates. Feel free to leave comments or questions on each page as well!

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In Production

AMPv2 Anglemaster Pro v2 and BL-2All componets for AMPv2 are either complete or are wrapping up production. Hoping to start assembly by earlty May. Extrusion has been ordered and sent to machinst for final shaping 3/27/17
BP-18v2 Bevel Protractor
In the manufacturing queue. We are going over our drawings and double checking tolerances. 3/27/17
HP-10 Dado Kit “Works”
Those who preordered the Dado with body can expect theirs to arrive sometime early next year. 11/17/16
HP-10 Tongue Kit “Works” - We are hoping to begin shipping the Tongue Kits right around the first two weeks of March. We had to remake the tongue irons and that pushed back our production timeline. Some parts of the body are still being made and are on the waiting line. – 1/26
Japanese Saws  - We are hoping the saws will complete by March 2017. 12/5
Miter Squares  -  Miter square blades are finished, production of bodies can Now commence! Hoping to start assembly by early May. 3/27/17
SE Plane - This is in the manufacturing queue. Unfortunately, the supply house we use for copper milling has a four month back log because of an aerospace contract. So we wait. The Stainless Steel castings will not be here until the end of March. 1/9


Completed Tools

AMPv2 AngleMaster Pro  
AS-24v3 Adjustable Square
CS-2 Centerscribe and CS-2a Mortise and Tenon Accessory
CS-6v2, CS12v2, and CS-18v2 Combination Squares
CT-17 Dual Angle Block Plane
CT-18 Smoothing Plane
DJ-1 Drilling Jig, Universal Jaws, and Accessory Bushing Set
DJ-1 and DJ-2 Drilling Jigs and Accessories
DJ-2 Drilling Jig

DSS-6 – Double Saddle Square

FC-1v2 Flushing Chisel
Folding Japanese Hand Saws
HG-1 Honing Guide

HG-1 Honing Guide and SUG-1 Set-Up Gauge
HP-10 Convertible Rabbet Plane
HP-10 Crown Kit “Works”
HP-11 FW Tapered Body Shoulder Plane
HP-6FX Mini Multi-Plane Body, HP-6v2 Profiles & Accessories
HP-6v2 3/8″ and 1/2″ Dado Profiles. V-Groove too! (HP-6v2 Bodies as well)
HP-6v2 Dovetail Soles and Accessories (HP-6v2 Bodies too)
HP-6v2 Ogee Profiles
HP-8 Aluminum with Depth Skids
HP-9 Dual Angle Block Plane

JM-P Jointmaker Pro
JMPv2 Jointmaker, Fence Systems, Sled Kits, and Accessories
KM-1 Kerfmaker & TM-1 Tenonmaker
SE Crowning Plane
SE Block Plane 
Special Edition Rabbet Plane
SR-6 Pocket Rule, SE-24 Straight Edge, and AS-24v3 Adjustable Square
TS-1v2 Try Square
TS-2v2 Try Square – SS and AL


Posted by Michael on 09/08/2011

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  1. Please return to the other way.
    It is much more laborious to have to go to each site to find out what is happening generaly.
    I like the left column with the tool schedule list.
    That would allow a place for those that wish to check on a specific tool.

    Thank you for considering this,


  2. I actually like it this way. If you are only interested in a particular tool schedule it is all on one page. Even though I have most all of the tools on order it just reads better IMHO.

  3. I don’t see the status of the DSS-6 square on the schedule. Is it listed elsewhere?

  4. The Pre-Order window closes on Monday after the WIA show in Pasadena. I will then put the DSS-6 up on the Schedule Page.


  5. When do you plan to make more HP-6v2 bodies? I have a pile of profiles that I cannot use yet, so thanks for the info (and thanks for the sale on profiles!)

  6. I was mentally lumping the SP-26 in with the HP-6v2 Dovetail Soles. I’ll get that out on its own page. The extrusion die is under way for that.

  7. The soles are currently in the anodizers and irons are about a week away from completing machining. Hopefully this will be out in about 6 weeks and I’ll have a better update then.

    - Consuelo

  8. Parts are under the spindle. We are still waiting on first sample approval on the blades. That’s all I know at the moment!

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