Bridge City Hardware Adoption/Warehouse Sale Launches Monday, Jan. 15th

Drivel Starved Nation!

The last time we had a warehouse/hardware adoption sale, and some of you likely remember, all hell broke loose.

First, our site slowed to a crawl, which caused buyers to press the “submit order” button several times. Behind the scenes we were getting paid for each button push. Over the next week, we refunded over $250,000 to those impatient buyers.

While the site was having fits, we notified our IT contractor who said “no problem” and then quit on the spot. We had to find a new IT company in 24 hours. In hindsight, I think it would have been way more fun taking the money and spending a month or two running from the FBI.

This year, we are liquidating all of our partially assembled rosewood and brass square blanks. Unless you are only interested in reclaiming the rosewood for other purposes, you need to be warned that this is not like buying a LEGO kit. There is work involved. (BTW, we have had this rosewood since 2000, long before it became illegal.) We are also selling brass square blades and there is no guarantee that the brass will fit in the slotted blanks on sale. In this case, you will need to buy some brass and hand dress to the slot if ours is too thin. It is work, and it is fun. And to make it a bit easier, the fine folks at Popular Woodworking have given us permission to share the step-by-step instructions on how we made this incredibly popular tool. You can download the original color article PDF here.

Most of this stuff has been sitting in totes since 2000 so don’t be discouraged by the dirty look, they clean up like new. Regarding the pricing of the hardware, we should be approximately 30% – 50% below comparable prices if you can find this stuff elsewhere.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the stuff going on sale and no, the ruler in the image is NOT included;


















There is another 150 items or so that we are liquidating. AND, we have an added bonus, any order over $150 will receive a $45 discount coupon code good towards our award winning Chopstick Master.

Lastly, Consuelo asked me to share the Warehouse sale rules;
Expect a lot of interested individuals who will be participating in this custom hardware adoption sale. With that in mind, our website may be extremely slow and phone lines will be extremely busy. Please make sure to read the following reminders, rules, and tips:

1. All the items are sold on a first come, first served basis. Items cannot be placed on hold nor be shipped with other open orders. We cannot combine shipping for multiple orders placed.

2. For those who live near our headquarters in Portland, OR, we are not offering will call/pick up orders as all the sale inventory is located in a fulfillment center.

3. Once inventory of an item is sold out, we do not anticipate having more of the same product going back in stock in the future. There may be a handful of new items that will be added at a later time, but majority of the clearance items in this sale will be released when the sale begins.

4. There is only one price available for each clearance item. No other additional discounts (such as the Founder’s Circle price) apply.

5. Even if the website may be slower during this time, ordering online will yield a better chance of successfully completing an order than calling our customer service line to try to speak with someone to place the order.

6. If you have forgotten your password and are having trouble resetting it online, send us a quick email and we will respond as soon as we can with one that works. We recommend doing this BEFORE the sale begins so that you aren’t rushing to get into your account to order when the madness begins.

7. Please make sure that the billing address you are going to use to create the order matches exactly the address that your bank card has on file. Do NOT put both the physical address and PO BOX on the address line, as only 1 address type is correctly associated with your card. In this day and age of credit card fraud and vulnerabilities, we do our best to make sure that your security is protected and that the billing address always matches the card that is used to make transactions on our website.

8. For those who are unfamiliar with our ordering processes, please note that in stock items will always create a separate order number from a pre-order item, even if it is placed in the same shopping cart. We indicate the splitting of orders in 3 different places: below the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the Shopping Cart page, under the “Submit Order” button on the Check Out page, and in our FAQ page on our website.

9. It is possible that items can sell out while you are filling your shopping cart. An alert should populate to let you know if inventory has run out for an item when you click on “Proceed to Checkout” in the shopping cart page.

10. How do I know if my order was successfully placed? Once the “Submit Order” button has been clicked, you should be redirected to a new page displaying the order number. Remember: the website may be extremely slow during this time and you may need to wait for the new page to refresh in your screen. If it did not generate an order number and you are uncertain if the order went through, click on the “My Orders” tab on the left-hand side. If your order was successfully placed, it will display it on the very top of the list with an order number, the date it was placed, and the list of items included in the order.

11. We will do our best to get back to you immediately and resolve any inventory or order errors. We appreciate the extended patience, especially during the first few hours of the sale period.

You might want to check and see if your login credentials are current and have fun. The sale will go live on Monday morning, Jan 15th at 9am PST.

Don’t press submit more than once


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