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Drivel Starved Nation!

Lots of stuff to report!

First, my blog has been silenced for almost 3 months because I had some work done to it, and it started acting screwy. So I moved on to some other, more pressing activities, although we all know there is nothing more important than the DSN! I think it is fixed now. (Fingers crossed)

Right about Xmas, Michael Berg, who has been running this place for the past nine years took a new position at another PDX company. That left me a long week to find a replacement prior to my annual work retreat. In addition, I had scheduled a mini-sabbatical for the month of February – so I decided to wait until I returned. As soon as I find a replacement, you will know too! And, we wish Michael the best in his new endeavors.

On a sad note, while on my work retreat (San Diego this year) Fred West passed away. Not only was he our best customer (by a LONG SHOT), I do believe he was every tool makers best customer. If you recall, Fred helped me solidify the details of the HP-11 FW tapered body shoulder plane. The “FW” was added to the name in an effort to bolster Fed’s spirits while he battled cancer. He will be missed. BTW, this plane has yet to posted on our website. We will do that next week. We are only making 50.

CT-18 Body

CT-18 Body

Here is a quick update of the projects we have spread all around the country…

TS-2v2: Both the stainless and the aluminum versions have all been shipped. I do believe there are a couple available in our web store.

TS1v2: Both the stainless and aluminum are in que at one of the shops that is making CT-18 components.

HG-1 Honing Guides: These have all shipped.

HP6FX Bodies: The aluminum versions are done and in our warehouse. For those of you who ordered this with the two new profiles, the 1/8″ tongue and the 60 Degree “V” Groove, we will ship these together with the aluminum bodies. The stainless bodies are under the spindle as I type and should be done in 10 days or so.

MT-1 Multi-Tool: All parts are made, and as soon as they are shipped to PDX we will assemble, box and ship – this should occur in the next two weeks.

JMPv2 and Precision Fences: We are a minimum of 8 weeks out. We need 2500 feet of the precision ground 20mm rods for the linear tables and our supplier had some serious supply problems. They have 570 feet in stock and the balance is in route I am told. This is an interesting process and I will write more about these rods later.

TB-2v2:: This tool is in que at the same shop that is making FX stainless bodies and the CT-18. Nothing to report yet.

HP-10 Rabbet Plane: These have all shipped.

CT-18 Finally, all of the castings for the bodies are done. We just had built the sole and side grinding fixtures and the pic above shows how cool this body came out. The rear totes have all been polished as have the iron cap levers. The remaining components are starting to trickle in. I expect to ship the first wave in 4 weeks, and we will ship weekly until all orders are filled. This is one really cool tool.

Repairs:We were seriously behind on our repairs for which I apologize. I hired somebody for repairs and we should be caught up in 3-4 weeks (he only works here one day a week as he is employed elsewhere)

If I left anything out, I am sure you will remind me…

In May I am teaching two JMP classes at the Marc Adams school of woodworking and the weekend between classes Marc is sponsoring a free class where I will be demonstrating how to make tapered sliding dovetails completely by hand. We will video tape it and post it. Free lunch too. How cool is that?

Lastly, the retrospective of my work closed in February. I have been told the next stop is in Bellevue, WA. As soon as I have a confirmation I will pass it on.

That is all my brain can handle at the moment, probably yours too!


It is good to be back!



Bridge City Updates – Lots of stuff to report!

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  1. Great to see YOU”RE BACK!!! We’ll look forward to seeing progress on great new stuff!

  2. Great to hear from you again John. My heart goes out to Fred’s family; I only knew the man virtually, but he was certainly a patron of the woodwork tooling arts.

  3. Morning John,

    Glad to see you back and on the job. I was wondering when the the second round of sliding dove tail kits and associated sliding parallel jig will be ready?

  4. It was sad reading about Fred West. I only interacted with him on the comment boxes here, but it’s pretty clear he had a big role in cultivating the tool culture that so fascinates me.

  5. Finally! My Drivel craving has been sated. For the time being, at least.

    Great to see you back. What an adventurous few months it’s been. We’re all waiting “with bait on our breath” (as my Japanese colleague used to say) to see who you hire as a Michael replacement. Do you think that a single individual will be able to fit the bill?

    I’m so looking forward to the CT-18 – and bummed that Fred won’t get to appreciate it, or his eponymous shoulder plane. That milled casting looks great, and I have a backlog of fun projects that I’m looking forward to trying it on!

    I received my HP6-FX last week, and boy, is it wonderful! It tucks into the crotch of your hand like it had been there from birth. Incredibly comfortable. Now I’m kicking myself for not having ordered 2. Or 5. Or a stainless steel one. They’re going to be perfect for the beading soles, and all those other ones with lots of surface area. What a great tweak to an already amazing tool. Nice work!

    – Peter

  6. Good to see you back.

    So first who else is doing the Jointmaker II class? Second when do we hear about that project?

  7. Looking forward another week at MASW, John.

    Excited to see many of these tools approaching ship dates!


  8. john,

    guess peter’s comment is proof you don’t have to eat sushi to have bait on your breath. have a great two weeks at masw. will miss your class this year as well as the opportunity for the free weekend class and socializing with other bctw patrons. will just be getting out of shoulder surgery and still not able to drive.


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