Five Cool New Tools from Bridge City…

Hello Drivel Starved Nation!

As mentioned last week, we are opening the pre-order window for the following tools. Yes, I said tools.Why?

Well, if you haven’t noticed lately, shipping rates are getting crazy. Because a couple of these new tools are under $100, we are going to gang produce them so you save a few bucks. Cool eh?

First on the list is the new TS-1 v2. We were not planning on making this tool but enough of you pestered me about a smaller version of our new TS-2 v2 I green-lit the project. Please note there are not graduations on this square. The bead blasted stainless steel blade takes pencil marks beautifully so use this square when you want to story board a small project. I have always wanted a square that did this and now it is a few months away. This little guy is under $90 too.

The TS-1 v2 in aluminum sitting next to the upcoming Ts-2v2;
TS1 v2 Next to TS2 v2

As part of our 30th Anniversary this year, we are going to make a limited run of 300 TS-1 v2’s in stainless steel. You have your choice of an orange detail or black. By the way, do you know why that detail is in the square in the first place? You will have to guess because I ain’t tellin’. It is cool looking that is for sure.

The TS-1 v2 Limited Edition Stainless Steel version;
TS-1v2 Stainless

The crown jewel of this introduction is the new MT-2 Multi-Tool. NO, this is not the CT-15, so please don’t ask. It is similar however. It does feature 3 saddle squares and a positive lock bevel. Here are the notable differences; the blade is twice as long as the CT-15, the body is thicker and longer and the blade lock is redesigned. This is a limited edition, 30th anniversary tool that is really cool. While you are pondering the picture, have you figured out what the notch is for on the curved end of the blade? We will make as many of these as we receive orders and then … poof! Never again.

The MT-2 Multi-Tool (Blade is 7.5″ long);
MT2 Square 800

And now it is time for my rant about t-bevels. Many years ago, when there will still Mastodons snorting creek water in what is now known as Keokuk, Iowa, somebody invented a t-bevel that employed a wing-nut to lock the blade. This was an awesome invention with one exception, the wings were wider than the body of the bevel making it essentially useless. This pissed off somebody enough to invent an end-lock t-bevel which can never get in the way of bevel work, but it does make it hard to use the butt end of the bevel as a striking device. Come on! You know you have been tempted…

Anyway, we introduced the the TB-1 and 2 three decades ago and both employed face locking knobs. I had the pleasure of meeting many of our customers via the wood shows at the time and this is where I heard the following;

“Nice bevel, but I prefer and end-lock bevel.”

“Why?” I inquired.

“Well, the knob gets in the way.”

“How” I asked.

This almost always led to an awkward silence, followed by,
“Well, I just know it gets in the way.”

So, I got out several pieces of wood and asked ANYBODY who wanted to dance with the knob guy to show me how it gets in the way. And the truth of the matter is there are so few examples nobody to this day has remembered them and it is fair to assume that it rarely, if ever gets in the way. It has never happened to me.

So ponder our new bevel and compare it to anything you own…because this lever lock bevel works with one hand and for someone like me who is watching walnuts grow on my knuckles, this is an awesome t-bevel. Did I fail to mention it is also an adjustable dovetail square? I didn’t think so. End of rant.

The new TB-2 v2 in aluminum;
TB2 v2 Aluminum

The TB-2 v2 Limited Edition in stainless steel;
TB2 v2 Stainless 800

Anyway, we are really excited about these fundamental tools and hope you are too.

As many of you know, we have big event happening here in August and last week I was in a throwing away mood when I uncovered an intriguing box in our junk room prototype shop. Inside was the only remaining prototype of the VP-60 Variable Pitch plane. Lots of memories and it has now been put up for auction on eBay. If BCTW memorabilia or contemporary tool making is your thing, head on over to eBay.


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