New Bridge City Try Square; Here’s a Pleasant Surprise…

A couple of weeks ago we closed the pre-order window on our new TS-2v2 Try Squares. The square was well received by Bridge Citizens across the globe, which should be good news. But it wasn’t.

Something was gnawing at me about this tool and that is never a good sign. On Monday, I realized what it was; I have never liked the squares I owned that had aluminum blades. I know it is a personal preference, but at the end of the day, every tool I design, I design for me. I really liked the way the aluminum square looked, but I realized that I would not buy it. So, what to do?

We are not going to make it. At least not with an aluminum blade. We are going to put a stainless steel blade in everyone of them and eat the cost. Now I am happy! (Not about eating the cost of course…).

Those of you who ordered the tool will get the aluminum handle and a stainless blade – you need do nothing. Next week, when we open the pre-order window for our new FC-1v2 Flushing Chisel, we will allow those who missed, or passed on the TS-2v2 window a couple of weeks to take advantage of this deal. An etched stainless steel blade try square under $100 -what’s not to like?

Here’s a pic of the final aluminum handled version with Imperial grads (we are doing metric too);

TS2 v2 dual Square Backdrop 700

As a teaser, next week I finish (hopefully) the second version of our TB-2 T-bevel and it is a radical change…


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  1. Nicely done. And thank you. In my experience, most of the best products made are the result of design meeting the needs of the designer, not a design meant to satisfy the masses.

    Also, thank you for supporting Handworks. It was great seeing Michael and Rutager with your many excellent tools.

  2. You are welcome.

    Regarding Michael and Rutager…this is the first I have heard that they actually showed up. That is good news.


  3. John,

    This is just another of many examples why I continue to be a customer; you are never satisfied with good enough and are always striving to produce the best possible tool. I am thrilled with the stainless blade, it should hold up and look better in the long run.


    P.S. I enjoyed working the booth with Michael and meeting and talking with so many great people. We also had a better chance to use the new DJ-2 and can tell you it will be a powerful “weapon” in anyone’s creative arsenal.

  4. John,

    Can you make my “T” bevel in metric? I would like it to match my metric Cresent wrench.


  5. Rutgers,

    Yes, we can make you a metric T-bevel. However, you must first purchase the spool of pipe thread I found in Michael’s office.



  6. Actually this is an interesting thread. Currently, as in almost always, Michael’s office is a unanimous Super Fund site. Now come August, we have our 30th anniversary open house… It will be interesting to see the proverbial “pig in a tuxedo”.

    My office, as in almost always, is a suitable, if not preferable alternative to the most modern operating room.

    Just sayin’ …


  7. I’ve seen both your offices. I’m sensing kettles, pots, and blackness.

    Awesome decision on the TS-2-v2 blade. Future generations will thank you. I hope you don’t have to do too much eating.

    Can hardly wait to see the new TB-2!

    – Peter

  8. That is so cool, John! I think I’m going to like my aluminum TS2-v2 almost as much as my DSS-6. Now if the TB2-v2 matches the TS2-v2 aesthetically, you’ll have the best pair on the planet! I can see a boxed set on several Birthday/Christmas/Wedding Gift lists…

  9. Now I’m no city-slicker mathematician, but it seems to me that $107 is more than $100.

  10. Where’d everyone go? What about the TB-2 T-bevel? Is the TS2-v2 ever going into production? What’s it all about, Alfie? Enquiring readers want to know.

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