TS-2: Our 30th Anniversary Version…


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Yikes, have we been busy around here. The Drivel Starved Nation must be…starving!
This is a friendly reminder that for those of you who are making pieces for possible inclusion in the “Quality is Contagious” exhibition, you have until July 1 to get your piece to the Museum. For those who submitted work for the book, I have been told that one piece was accepted. Nicole is sending out notifications this week and making arrangments for the safe return of the submissions.
We are 30 years old this year and are busy making presents that you can buy for yourself (we are always thinking of you). What better place to start than with a new version of the TS-2? Please meet the TS-2v2;
TS2 v2 3 Sqiares
We are making two versions, all aluminum and all stainless steel. The later will be a limited edition.
We invented a whole new way to make a precision square (which as you can see, doubles as a dovetail square) and you can get the idea by looking at the non-stainless version in the image above. The two aluminum squares in the image above are actually the same tool, it has a split personality.
After making well over 100,000 try squares we have learned a few things. One of those “things” is when a square hits the floor, the corners of the blade frequently flare. We solved that little annoyance by rounding the corners, and it makes all the sense in the world, there is no function for a square corner on a square blade. Oh, and the blade is field adjustable.
That said, the grip on this tool is off the charts, maybe it will never hit the floor…
We will open up pre-orders next week, but here’s a pleasant surprise: The aluminum version will be under $100. Want to know how cool this is? The original TS-2 sold for $45 in 1983. This inflation calculator tells us that the TS-2 would sell for $104.89 today. How cool is that?

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  1. Peter and Dennis,

    Thanks for the votes of confidence- probably best not to admit to it in writing, but we all make mistakes. Don’t be too surprised with my insights into great tool design; I am after all, a three time Tool Making class attendee, still no diploma, but I’m sure that is just a coincidence.


  2. Rutager,
    If from dumb luck, honed skills, or just raw talent, Your Idea is still a good one :o)

  3. John,

    I was thinking after the August bash I might take a drive down to the coast. is there any particularly great place to go / stay for an evening along the coast? I would love to experience some quiet beach with breathtaking beauty at sundown. Maybe reflect about life and the fun of living in this world. 🙂


  4. Dennis-

    It’s cool you are coming to Oregon!

    My tip is to drive south on 101 and you can make all the scenic turn-outs without crossing the opposing lane.

    The entire coast is freakin’ awesome and all of the shoreline is publicly owned… No chain link fences running into the surf like I saw in CA.

    Depending on your time, I would drive far enough south so you can head east and visit Crater Lake. Awesome!


  5. This sounds great John!

    I’m trying to rough out my trip. I’m planning to come from Idaho down the Columbia river to Portland. I think the Mount Hood day trip is just before Portland and I thought that would be fun to take in. Probably a good day just to see that?

    Since several DSN are going to be there like Fred, Rutager, Masood, etc. I really couldn’t miss it!


  6. If you have never been here before, get a giant rubberband to keep your jaw attached to your skull–the Columbia gorge is beautiful.

    If you turn left at Hood River to come around Mt. Hood, you will miss all the waterfalls. I would do Mt. Hood another day.


  7. Well, I ordered my stainless TS-2v2 with a black insert today. I’m betting that between Rutager and Fred, almost all the 300 of each are sold!

    — Peter

  8. Peter, Fred bought all 300. We can’t fill your order.

    Fred has an eBay listing for $1200 apiece. Apparently they are all sold too.



  9. John: an update on your e-bike experience would be interesting. I’m bike shopping, almost certainly for a conventional bike, but I’m due-diligencing. Many thanks.

  10. LOL!

    Guess I’ll just have to get one from Woodpeckers. They’re the same, right?


    — Peter

  11. My e-bike rocks! I have over 1K on it now (saving three tanks of gas…almost $200) I have since taken another old Trek, stripped it, powder coated the frame white, converted it to a FWD e-bike, added oak fenders and gave it to my wife. She then added an iPhone holder to the handlebars. Go figure.

    I will try to do a post on it soon.


  12. Thank you. My current pipe dream bicycle is a Brompton folder converted to a Rohloff Speedhub (you should look up Rohloff–they’re like the BCTW of bicycle drivetrains–14 internal gears and a 500% ratio bottom to top 😀 )

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