Bridge City Tool Works 30th Anniversary Gala: The Details…


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

– Ansel Adams



Drivel Starved Nation the time has come to unveil our plans for our 30th Anniversary bash. Listen up!


Thursday, August 15th
6pm -8 pm; The exhibition, “Quality is Contagious: John Economaki and Bridge City Tool Works” opens at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. All this proves is that I have been making stuff for 36 years, and includes several pieces of furniture and lots of tools—some of which you likely own! The reception will be held on the roof of the building (it is beautiful!). A selection of plated and passed appetizers, appropriate to the season, will be served in addition to wine and non-alcoholic beverages. The exhibition runs through January 18, 2014.


To commemorate this event, the book. “Bridge City Tool Works: 30 Years Through the Lens of Joe Felzman” will be unveiled at the August 15th opening. Here is a sneak peek of the cover;
Here’s an image from the book that is cool;
Copter and Plane

Friday, August 16th
10am -3pm; Bridge City Showroom and Skunk Lab Open House, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, and finger foods provided.


6:00 pm until ???
Book Party! This is a catered dinner for our customers and a chance to meet all those associated with the book. This will be a fun evening hanging out with Joe Felzman and Jay Maisel, who is flying in from New York City for the festivities. If you would like to attend this function, please RSVP for further details. (Both of the above links are short videos and worth the time to view them)


Saturday, August 17
11am-5pm; Wine Tasting Through the Willamette Valley. We have arranged for a bus tour of the Oregon wine country. We will visit 4-5 vineyards and tasting rooms.The first stop will be Chehalem Wines, they make extraordinary Pinot Noir and their Inox Chardonnay is fantastic. If you have never been on one of these tours they are a blast. One of the buses is a double-decker! Cost will be $50 per person and space is limited, so please RSVP to if you would like to take the wine tour. For those not interested in the wine tour, I suggest renting a car and driving east from Portland through the Columbia Gorge, turn right at Hood River and drive around Mt. Hood, stopping at Timberline Lodge for lunch, maybe ride the “Magic Mile” chair lift up to the snow fields (on a clear day you can see Mt. Shasta in California, about 400 miles away!) before heading back to Portland. To us locals, this is called the “loop trip” and it is jaw dropping.


Our hotel recommendation during your stay is the Paramount Hotel. It is only a couple of years old, very nice and affordable. For a couple of bucks, you can ride the MAX light rail from the airport and get within 2 blocks of this hotel. For those of you with female significant others, Nordstrom’s is a block away. Why would I mention that? Oregon does not have a sales tax. You will need to make hotel reservations yourself.
Couple of other tidbits; Seattle is a three-hour drive from Portland. Vancouver BC is about 5 hours. Crater Lake National Park (unbelievably beautiful place) is a 5 hour drive from Portland. (Oregon is a honkin big state). Both Mt. Hood (you can snow ski in August here) and the Oregon Coast are an hour away from Portland. Oh, no humidity and no mosquitoes or Mongolian Death Worms! It is a great time of the year to see the Pacific Northwest (we are located in the world’s largest temperate rain forest, which begins in northern California and ends in British Columbia). Other sites of interest include the World Forestry Center, and we are now famous for something other than topless bars and micro-breweries– our food carts. Lots of great restaurants and a conspicuous absence of most chain eateries–the food is great!
We hope you can join us! We might even have a little sale for those that make the trek…

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  1. Well, there goes the neighborhood; I just made my reservations at the Paramount and more importantly with Consuelo.

    This is going to be a great time, seeing old friends and meeting new ones too- I bet we all clean up real nice once we leave our shops!


  2. John,

    You sure “a little sale” is a good idea? Last time we crashed the servers, this time it will be the front doors!


  3. John,

    Yes, and way out of my league! Of course, just like many wives, she spends all my money- of course she does let me buy all the tools I want and even double checks to see if I might want even more then the tools than I originally asked for. Now that’s caring.

    Oh, and John, I’ve always honored our agreement that I not flirt with any of your staff except Michael, I intent to not let you down.


  4. John,

    Just asking for a friend; any chance some of the appetizers will be wrapped with or have bacon in them?


  5. Rutager-

    The Pacific Ocean is one hour away. Ever heard of salt water swine? Didn’t think so. Do the math for your friend. Better yet, get a new friend.


  6. John,

    All those sleepless nights are paying off; just think if you could genetically engineer those salty swine- dang, that would be some tasty bacon.

    Neither my “friend”or I can do that level of math, and you’ve met me, I can’t afford to turn away anyone who wants to be my friend.


  7. john, are you planning on serving any of that fettuccine shown in the interesting metal vessel in the first picture above?

  8. John,
    When mentioning the sights near Portland, you didn’t mention Mt. St. Helens. After nearly 40 years of flying around the world, I would rank Mt. St. Helens in the top five of the sights that I have seen. Granted, it’s been almost fifteen years since I last saw it, but I doubt that it’s changed much in that time!

  9. John,

    Can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier; the math was so basic- new helicopter for the photo sessions and roof top reception at the museum, sounds like a perfect opportunity for you to give the DSN a flying lesson followed by a quick demonstration of gravity.


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