Bridge City “Clearance Sale” is Now Working…


“A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I am afraid of widths.”
– Steven Wright



Thanks to the hard work of our ace fire department here (Consuelo), we believe we have righted all the wrongs from our Big Sale Meltdown last week. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who were impacted and your patience while we fixed the mess.


The “Clearance” choice in the lower left quadrant of our splash page has been reopened–so have fun with all the stuff in there! AND REMEMBER; If you hit “Submit” more than once, you are doubling your order. You can check the status of your order by going to the “My Orders” tab and you will see an order number. What happens when you hit submit is complex-inventory is adjusted, email confirmations are being generated, and the back end credit card stuff is happening. So please, just hit submit once! Thanks.


A couple of years ago we purchased a tail vise kit and Glide vise kit from my fellow Iowan, Jameel @ Benchcrafted. We never opened the boxes and just discovered them stashed in our prototype shop. I was going to use them and build a bench for our video studio but instead asked Jameel to build us a bench and he agreed–WOO HOO! We are going to pick it up at Handworks 2013 in May.


Here are pics of what is inside the boxes;


Main_small (2)


2010_V2_web (2)


As mentioned, these two vises have never been opened and are ready to ship. We have just the one set and paid $695 for the pair. First person to sweet talk Consuelo can have them both for $574.21 (I did that to make myself laugh…). Be warned, the shipping is not included.


Lastly, you wont be hearing from me until February–I am off on my annual work retreat. And my first order of business is the design of the FREE tool we are going to send everybody who bought stuff off that Clearance page and lived through the nightmare.



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  1. Thanks, John (and Consuelo). I managed to get most of what I’d aimed for initially. I’m a happy camper (not that I wasn’t before).

    A Jameel-made bench?!? Wowie! Where will it go? You don’t have acres of room around there.

    Have a wonderful work retreat. I hope that it’s refreshing and stimulating. ‘Cause then we get all happy and tooly.

    – Peter

  2. Hi Peter-

    Jameel’s bench will be the bench we feature in future videos–so it will reside in the video studio. He really makes a great product.

    It’s an Iowa thing… :)

    Glad you found solace in our Clearance Sale!


  3. Were you able to tell if your order went through?
    I had the same problems as 8 days ago with the error messages and no comfirmation, etc. I checked My Orders and none got posted, so I submiited again and again and again. Same results.
    Credit card was charged though. No IT people hired yet?

    John B

  4. We will look into this–we are receiving orders. Consuelo has a well deserved day off today (Friday) so Monday, email her your order and let her enter it manually to see if we can repeat.


  5. well, john, if consuelo was the point and the whole fire department, you should remember that fire personnel work one day and then get two or three off. can you afford that? i guess the better question, is can we afford it.

    just reversing all of our multiple button pushes makes her well worth the price.

    she did a great job! would consider her a definite keeper.

  6. Hey John, I hope that you have a GREAT retreat and come up with the sweetest, most spectacular tool ever seen or to be seen on earth!!!! :o :o Let me know if this is too much pressure?? :o Seriously, have a great time doing what you love and relax. Of course the relaxation part is pretty much a given as you will not be hearing from me, RUTAGER, Peter, Dennis, Masood, Chris, Roger, etc., etc., etc… :o Fred

  7. For those of you who may have ordered knobs from the “clearance” sale, You may wish to order the flared washer. It gives just the right amount of extra room for your fingers and looks really nice. I put them on some knobs I ordered in the previous clear out and they look great.
    I noticed that the clamp knob 3 seems to be the same as some other knobs except a thread has been inserted and it looks like they are held in with an adhesive. Does anyone know a good method of removal without damaging the rest of the knob? I bought a few “just in case” and I would like to remove the threaded insert. Thanks for any help.

  8. oops…
    I would like to also mention that Consuelo has been especially helpful through this situation and bravo to the rest of the crew.

  9. Allan, Good suggestion– in designer parlance, they are “transition” washers and function both physically and visually–good for the fingers and great for the eyes.


  10. This is completely off topic so I apologise in advance.

    I scored one of the js7 saws in the sale and it’s a beauty. The rest of the saws appear to be no longer in stock.

    Will they be available again? I really like the handles compared to the typical rattan wrap.

  11. Periodically check back on the Clearance tab–you will never know what,shows up… :)

    Regarding the shark cord saw handles, unfortunately the craftsman in Japan who made them for us passed away and we have been unable to find an economical replacement.


  12. Well that’s depressing. I remember you telling me the story of visiting Japan, meeting the craftsman, and the conversations that took place. I am sorry to hear of his passing. We have lost a number of great ones recently, they will all be missed.

    You don’t have to post this, but I saw your entry and was compelled to comment.

  13. That’s a shame. Have to keep an eye on the clearance tab and flee bay from now on.

    Hope you had a good holiday wherever it was

  14. FYI, the saw blade maker is still doing great (over 100 years old–the company that is…) but the handle craftsman is no longer.

    Thanks for the thoughts.


  15. If the blade maker is still going will you perhaps go to a regular handle in the future?

  16. The blade maker is alive and well, it is our handle maker who moved on. Looking at options for sure.


  17. Good to know.

    As I said initially, I really like the js7 so I can only imaging the others to be as good.

  18. I know this is an old topic, but I was wondering about the saw handles. I was fortunate enough to buy 2 saws and a few other replacement saw blades in the clearance sale. I was hoping to buy some handles somewhere or make them myself, but I haven’t had any luck. Any suggestions?


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