What NOT to Buy From Bridge City….


“Those who don’t read the newspapers are better off than those who do insofar as those who know nothing are better off than those whose heads are filled with half-truths and lies.”– Thomas Jefferson


Happy New Year DSN–in this,  our 30th year of operations!


What better way to initiate a new year than with a massive  inventory clearance sale the likes of which you have never seen?


You heard it hear first…in preparation for the remodel of our prototype shop/video studio, we have made the decision to gut our parts department. We finished photography this week . I will post imagery early next week so you can peruse this stuff before the sale opens. Everything from springs to plane irons, it is all going on sale.  Just the parts alone have a cost basis of somewhere between 100 and $200K.  For you MacGyver fans, this will be awesome!


No, this is what you should not buy from us. What you should not buy from us is anything relating to the HP-6 Mini-Multi Plane–our entire inventory of sole kits is going on sale.  And if you do not own an HP-6, we have opened pre-orders for the bodies.  This is going to be a really big deal if you like saving $$$.


Oh, one more thing. I DO LISTEN!  We are going to make all four corner radius kits for the HP-6 to fit the HP6v2 body WITHOUT SCREWS.  More later.


Check back on this totally awesome and worthless blog next Monday to learn what is going on sale and see pics of all the misc. stuff.  The Big Sale is scheduled to open exactly at 5 PM PST next Wednesday.




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  1. John,

    Firstly, it’s “Macgyver,” secondly, spelling it wrong isn’t fooling any of us into thinking you didn’t spend all weekend watching a Macgyver marathon on cable!

    This is really cool, I really like odds and ends and other various parts, but jokes on you, as I would have paid just to fly out and see the pile of stuff in Michaels office and in the warehouse. So, now I will put aside ten percent of my weekly bacon budget to buy up some cool parts.

    Christmas is a little late this year and a whole lot better.


  2. Rutager-You are going to have a cow when you see what we are doing.

    Actually, I am having a cow too.


  3. But we’ll have all the parts we need to rebuild the server. Stronger. Faster. Better than it was before.

    Regardless, this sounds fun! Of course, now that I own all the corner radius soles for the HP6, the prospect of new ones without screws is only marginally titillating. You bastard. How about a rabbet sole with no screws?

    And since when did Rutager learn how to spell?!? When a bacon-eating Minnesotan corrects The Tool Potentate, you know it’s going to be an interesting year!

    – Peter

  4. HP-6 soles on sale?

    If you listen carefully, you can just hear the sound of a shovel unearthing a Mason jar in a San Diego backyard.

  5. Five days notice is an EXCELLENT strategy John. Time to get permission, for those that need it, or time to call your financial institution about a higher VISA limit. And of course time to dig in your back yard if need be!

    And as for the MacGyver approach, I think more like Wile E Coyote. I look forward to the unveiling of your treasures on Monday.

  6. John,

    Will that be at 5 pm PST?

    Just wanted to clear it up for us right-coasters.


  7. Joe:

    Haven’t you heard? For those of us on the West coast, America ends at the Missouri River.

    There! :)

    Short Answer: Yes.


  8. Oh, we agree that it ends at the Missouri too, but the Missouri has two banks!

    Perspective is a tricky thing.

    Thanks John.

  9. I’m pre-heating my credit card in anticipation….

    Should I start drinking now or after the bill arrives?

  10. Alex,

    Start drinking heavily now, so I can have a better chance of getting the good stuff before you do.


  11. John,

    A simple listing of any and all parts (profiles, honing, etc.) might be really, really handy for those of us that have lost track of our inventory. Organized shopping feels so much better……….

  12. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow (Monday) we will do an email blast to announce the sale. This will link to two posts on my blog where one contains all the MacGyver goodies, and the other to a complete listing of the sale items. This should save everybody a lot of time–it is well over $300k of stuff (our cost) and we want to liquidate it. Should be fun to watch!

    FYI, most of the Macgyver stuff is priced in the $2-$10 range. The existing inventory will all be right around cost. Our server should get quite warm…


  13. Hang on to your britches… it is mucho info!

    The DSN is restless today… reminds me of the man-eating plant in the “Little Shop of Horrors”… FEED ME!


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