Puzzles & Knives for the Holidays…Going, Going, ….


“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”
— William Wallace



Tomorrow we leave for Woodworking in America, Cincinnati style–the only place I know where chili is eaten with a fork because it is really spaghetti… we hope you come by the “Silent Woodworking Academy” and play with some of our new offerings–including the first two table saw sled kits we assembled yesterday.


This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow, we close out the pre-order window on a couple of items that will be available for the holidays, Damascus steel Japanese knives with “Western” style handles, and some of the coolest wooden puzzles we have seen…


Puzzles rock for a couple of reasons, they are exercise if you think of them as push-ups for your aging brain, and the real joy comes from perversely watching friends and family try to solve them, which of course makes you look smarter. My favorite is the Mysterious “X”, it is simply two pieces and the the trick is to take them apart.


The most difficult of the lot is “Separation Anxiety”, and I have yet to find the time to get mine back together…


The Star puzzle is simply cool looking and hard…


There are a couple more really cool puzzles in this lot. I like offering these because they are affordable, fun, AND we get to support a fellow woodworker!


The Ohishi Kitchen Knives pictured below are an East meets West special buy considering the dollar/yen rate. This set is a fantastic gift for loved ones or… YOURSELF. And as clarification, the western handles are not mahogany, they are resin impregnated veneer and are almost indestructible. Damascus steel, Western style handles, they feel great in the hand and are surgically sharp.



The four piece set is the best deal, but these knives are available individually too.


Sorry about the late notice, I was told I needed to post this several weeks ago. I am also told I don’t listen–do the math.


Lastly, if you are sitting on 150,000 United Mileage Plus miles, and would like a complete JMP kit including a stand and our new precision fence kit, we would love to orchestrate a straigh-up trade. E-mail me direct; john@bridgecitytools.com


Hope to see you in Cincinnati!



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  1. John,

    I may have 3,000 miles from when I flew out to Portland to get CAD training, maybe I could trade those for another clear plastic cursor for my JMP?

    I think the puzzle maker was also at the CAD class and if he was, I can vouch that he’s a very nice fellow, and I bought a puzzle and not only is it fun, it is a work of art, finished to a very high standard which will make you think twice against throwing it against a wall when you can’t figure it out.


  2. Do you have puzzle marks on your wall, Rutager?

    I’m betting the puzzle maker has a JMP. Or two. They look like the perfect things to make with that saw. Perfect cuts and angles.

    And those knives are gorgeous. But isn’t there some sort of taboo about giving knives as a gift? Something involving pennies, I think…

    – Peter

  3. Peter,

    I have never even thought once, and you need to think twice to throw something that nice. I have the “Coronary” puzzle, it is made of Wenge and is beautiful, I refuse to look at the solution, but finally have it almost complete, just need to get the last piece in, so I need to be brave enough to take it apart enough to fit the last one in. Bravery has eluded me for over 6 months.


  4. Yes, there was a Gold Star Chili at the airport, now I need someone to explain to me how any market can support one let alone two chili restaurant chains.

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