These Things Need to Go Away FOREVER…


“I saw six men kicking and punching my mother-in-law. My neighbor said ‘Are you going to help?’ I said, ‘No, Six should be enough.”
— Les Dawson



OK, I am cleaning my desk, getting ready to go to WIA and something annoyed me–I think it was Michael. I will spare you the details. BUT, it did give me an idea for a little weekend contest for those who are NOT GOING to Woodworking in America.


All you have to do is list a couple of things that need to go away–as in FOREVER. You know, either bad ideas or obsolete vestegial things from days gone by. This will be a communal RANT!


OK, I will start;


1) The US Penny
2) Slotted screws
3) The vegetable crisper in those little dorm fridges…how stupid is THAT?


Got it?


Comments Away!



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  1. John,

    Can I argue the slotted screws? I to wish to banish them to hell for most uses, but I really think the brass ones can look very nice on a brass hinge.

    Without the penny, how would you pay me for all my advice?


  2. I was going to, but couldn’t see through the tears in my eyes to type a response.


  3. By the way John, Is that why you keep burying pennies in your commemerative tools? You aren’t keeping up – I just received 9 (brand new I might add) pennies with my change at Wall Mart tonight. I’m thinking there was a shortage of nickles…

  4. John, did you get the e-mail with the pics of the Japanese bed? I wasn’t sure if you would want to post these (or where).


  5. I’ve gotta join Dennis on the 4-day workweek. It would revolutionize our society.


    Black flies
    Rutager’s eHarmony page

  6. I’m going to WIA, which makes me ineligible for the contest, but I just had to add this:

    Jared from Subway

    -Eric, who just ordered a whole pile of brass and steel slotted screws from Blacksmith Bolt here in town.

  7. 1. Turn signals, because no one uses them.
    2. Standardized testing, of the public school variety.
    3. My two cats, they live in my shop and wreak havoc where ever they go.

  8. 1) Electronic devices that beep.
    2) Electronic devices that make any sound that you didn’t specifically tell the device to make.
    3) Autodialers owned by telemarketers. Or, conversely, just the telemarketers.
    4) Contests that limit my rants to three items!

  9. - Good one! I will add “texting while walking”. Just yesterday we had a delivery person walk right out in front of a freight train with people yelling at him, lights and dingers going AND the train blowing his whistle. The train was going slow and stopped within 5 ft of him. Can you believe it? He was texting!

  10. By the way, I’m not going to WIA THIS weekend, so If you meant going AT ALL, you will need to erase all of my comments John! Sorry if I messed up on that detail!

  11. Lets add:

    The entire packaging industry/packaging almost impossible to open and environmentally unfriendly.

    And, AC to DC power adapters that render the unused outlet unusable–both of these really torque my disposition.

  12. Now that I’m done with the show, I can participate.

    1.) Subscription cards in magazines- bought a couple for on the plane and they were falling out at the news stand and on the plane.

    2.) Crappy tools that don’t work.

  13. The loose shelves & other pieces of Fred’s entertainment center could be used to make a shipping container for itself to John… :-)
    (The shipping label might be the only part of the package that makes the entire trip across country.)

  14. Here we go

    1. Terrorists
    2. People with sticky fingers
    3. Clowns

    Great Idea for a contest by the way!

  15. My contributions:
    1. Breast cancer (too many family & friends suffer from it).

    2. People who don’t use turn signals

    3. Getting old

    4. Dust bunnies!

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