Bridge City Essentials; Combination Square Too Sexy for Mass Production!

In playing around with material choices that compliment my new found fetish for stainless steel, I stumbled upon black chrome. Black chrome–these two words make no sense together and yet they represent an intriguing combination–kinda like mince meat…

Anyway, as mentioned several weeks back, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary with a limited edition series of essential tools primarily made from stainless steel. The combination square below will be available around Xmas. It shall be known as The Tool Too Sexy for Mass Production.

Although I liked our old CS-12 (it was the most successful new tool in our history) this version CS12 SE, is hot. How hot? So hot that it will have a 9:30 pm curfew–now that is hot! Can’t wait to get mine.

The body will be milled from a solid stainless steel billet and the center section will be black chrome–holy cow is this going to be a beauty.

Actually I am changing the curfew to 8:00 pm–you want a date with this baby there will be only time for dinner–no movie.
CS12 25th Anniversary Version Render copy

The image below is a stereolithography model we made to check out the ergonmic aspect of the tool. The 45 degree leg on this tool is long enough to be a useful reference for checking miter cuts–something we should have dealt with on our first CS-12.

CS12SE Blog Image 3

This tool is going to be a beauty in both function and inspiration. We will begin taking pre-orders soon, delivery by the holidays. I love the black chrome aspect because in different lights, the color shifts from black to blue to green–cool stuff.

Oh, almost forgot, The Tool Too Sexy for Mass Production will also be accurate to .002″ over the blade length.

And in case you missed the first Bridge City Essential, here’s a visual reminder–not many left.