What Happens on July 20th?

Remember the pandemonium surrounding Y2K? Well, brace yourself for July 20th because that is the deadline for ordering The Tool You Will Want Real Bad.

If you have not ordered a Kerfmaker (two or more would be preferable) you have to ask yourself this simple question; “What is wrong with me?” For a measly $59 bucks I can have a tool that will not allow me to make mistakes.

And we agree (it’s unanimous too) there is something wrong with people who have yet to order the Tool You Will Want Real Bad.

Final Blog Announcement

Maybe this will help the fence sitters; With our marketing effort in hypeoverdrive (I just made that word up) could we afford to lose face by delivering a product that disappoints? Of course! But we won’t.

Oh, for those of you wondering what happens after July 20th when you realize that not ordering the Kerfmaker was a HUGE MISTAKE? Well, you get to put your name on a list and when the list grows to 500,000 names, we will make the second batch.

What don’t you get about KERFECTION?

Don’t be a bozo–July 20th is it. No exceptions. $59.